Kazama Auto Spidercks GP-XR Conversion Kit

D-Link Kazama Auto has introduced their conversion kit for the Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis. The new conversion kit called Spidercks GP-XR will effectively convert your R31 chassis to the Kazama Spidercks GP-X layout. This gives the existing R31 users, especially the TEH-R31 users, another option for making the chassis better. The original Spidercks kit cost more than ¥60000JPY, so this makes the Kazama chassis design more affordable.

Convert your Street Jam R31 into Kazama GP-X!

  • 2.5mm Black Carbon Upper and Main Chassis
  • Pulley Holder
  • Pulley Support
  • Battery Holder
  • Aluminium Antenna Post
  • Aluminium Servo Mount
  • Require Street Jam R31 series to convert
  • You do not need extra parts if you own Street Jam R31 to convert into Kazama GP-XR
  • Source: D-Link Kazama Auto

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