Kazama GP-X High Angle Caster Hub

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Kazama_18_degree_caster_hubs (1)Kazama Auto D-Link are pushing the limits of caster angle. Now the Spidercks GP-X chassis will have 18 degree caster hubs to add to the option parts list. The new option parts are made from high strength materials for the best durability and performance. Kazama is currently taking pre-orders for this item, so the option part is not yet released but expected in the next month or two. No doubt that caster angle plays an important role in RC Drifting, however too much caster angle can also cause more harm than good. The Spidercks GP-X utlizes the R31 suspension system, so this should also be compatible with all R31 chassis.

These items are also compatible for anyone utilizing the R31 suspension system. This new 18 degree caster hub should only be used by an experienced RC Drift driver. This is something that may be interesting to tuning enthusiasts, otherwise it is not a necessary upgrade.
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Kazama Auto Spidercks GP-X 18 Degree C-Hub

  • Available in anodized silver (and blue?)
  • Increased rigidity and durability
  • Increase steering response
  • 18 degrees caster angle
  • For tuning enthusiasts

Approximate MSRP: ¥3780JPY.
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Source: Kazama Auto D-Link

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