Kazama Spidercks GP-X Front One-way Cups

Kazama Auto D-Link has announced reinforced front one-way cups the Kazama Auto Spidercks chassis. The new front one-way cup is made of high strength materials for the best durability and performance. The new front one-way cups are also heavier than the previous stock version. Feedback for this product has been very good, the difference in performance is immediately noticed. This new extra strong cups are only available in silver color for the Kazama Spidercks GPX.

This new option part for the Kazama Spidercks GP-X should be compatible with any existing R31 chassis. This item is already available in the market, so check with your Kazama D-Link dealer. Approximate MSRP: ¥1250JPY.

Source: Kazama Auto D-Link

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