Kazama Spidercks GP-X Pulleys

Kazama Auto D-Link has released new pulleys for the Kazama Auto Spidercks chassis. New pulleys are alloy for added strength and durability. The new pulleys will feature 39T and 40T for front one-way and 37T and 38T for ball diff or solid rear axle. These pulleys will be available in silver to match the Kazama Spidercks GPX. There is also be a blue version to match the Street Jam OTA-R3R chassis.

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Kazama Spidercks GP-X should be compatible with any existing R31 chassis. Now available from Kazama Auto D-link, in anodized blue or silver, for Front one-way diff or ball diff. Kazama D-link has warned that these will be very limited in production, it is highly recommended that if you want one, you check with your Kazama D-Link dealer. Approximate MSRP: ¥2800JPY

Source: Kazama Auto D-Link

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