M.A.D 1/10 Custom RC Drift Parts

New players on the scene, M.A.D 1/10 – Massive Angle Dynamics have recently released some RWD focussed 3D printed options for the Yokomo Drift Package and MST RC Drift chassis. Currently they have option parts for those that have converted the Drift Package to RWD/2WD RC Drifting, along with some fantastic looking battery trays!
If you would like more info or are looking to purchase any of the products listed below please click here. M.A.D plans to release a slide steering rack soon. Prices are listed in Australian Dollars with current equivalent USD pricing listed below.
MAD Custom RC Drift Parts - Yokomo - MST - DriftMission (2)

  • XL RWD style steering wipers for Yokomo Drift Package, $20AUD which is roughly $15 USD.
  • 3 way motor mount for Yokomo Drift Package, $20AUD which is roughly $15 USD.
  • Shorty battery tray, $20AUD which is roughly $15 USD.
  • Battery brace plate for mounting tray behind rear diff, $10AUD which is roughly $7 USD.
  • Universal roll mod shock mount plates, $10AUD which is roughly $7 USD.

For purchasing or more information please contact M.A.D via their Facebook page here.

Source: M.A.D

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