March 2013 Body of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Davis from our forums for winning the March 2013 Body of The Month contest. This fantastic Chaser won out over all the other excellent entries! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!
Design: Drift Kollektiv * 2013 * Drift Competition Body
Body: Yokomo Chaser
Paint: Tamiya Black & Translucent Red backed with Gold. Added custom matte black pattern on top.
Wheels: Panasport Rims
Tires: Depending on the competition. For the German IDS (International Drift Series) RC Art Carpet Tires on the carpet tracks and R2 T Drifts for asphalt. Yokomo R2 / R4 tires for the Dutch D1/10
Accessories: Custom Decals, custom taillights and the biggest spoiler mount I could find. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Description: I always like to run big sedan bodyshells. So for my 2013 “Drift Kollektiv” team body I chose for the Yokomo (Kunnyยดz) Chaser.
Since I run with a stealth body mount in front I had to modify the air vent in the hood a bit to make it less deep to start with.
I chose for a duo tone color scheme with a red top and black base. To achieve a vivid metallic red I used Tamiya translucent red and backed it with gold. Although I used translucent color successfully before, it went pretty wrong this time, due to sub zero temperatures while painting. A lot of spots and uneven red was the result. So I added a matte black pattern on the outside to disguise the mistakes. And how it turned out this was actually just the thing the body needed to make it stand out. – Lucky mistakes. ๐Ÿ˜€ … As with last years C35 Laurel the chaser was destined to wear the DK – Drift Kollektiv – livery. I custom designed each decal and printed it on chrome foil. – White mounting parts, blue tinted windows and headlights complete the look.
Since the German RC-IDS requires the body to be “pro style” this year I added an excessive amount of decals, flaps and of course tow hooks in front and rear. To go the whole hog I also added the biggest spoiler stands available. – Although not required for a pro drifter I fixed a lit D1/10 license plate to the rear as well as some custom tail lights.
The shell was already chosen “best body” at the first round of the D1/10 in the Netherlands and was voted for “body of the month” on the German drift forum. – And I am glad to see it also internationally liked at driftmission. Thanks for all the votes! ๐Ÿ˜€
An English WIP can be found here


  • Davis – Toyota Chaser DK 2013 – 50
  • ErU – Subaru Impreza – 48
  • albertsx65 – GT-86 – 34
  • il-pee – Mazda FD3S – 27
  • Kanada_green – Subaru Impreza – 19
  • mandosdc – AE86 (El Camino Style) – 8
  • Lumpia_And_Rice – Fatlace Scion FRS 1:1 Replica – 6
  • TheCarterRoss – Toyota Supra – 3
  • Hachi_roku86 – Nissan R32 GTR Skyline – 2
  • kidastra – Police Ford Mustang – 1

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