March 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner

Our March 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month features this winning “Bad Bunny” RX-7 by RexRacer19! Full voting details are posted below the photos. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
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Here are some additional details on this winning “Bad Bunny” FD3S RX-7.

Ever since Demi Works released the Rocket Bunny kit for the Tamiya FD3S RX-7 I knew I had to build one. Eventually it made it to the top of the priority list, and I went to work. The car was inspired by a couple of 1:1 Rocket Bunny cars, and I added a couple of touches of my own to complete the look.

The paint is Tamiya Gunmetal, backed in Black. Pretty simple. I wanted a dark and stealthy look overall, so I tinted the windows, went with black accents, and only black decals. I personally prefer cars with a clean and understated look that focus on getting the details right. I’m really happy with the overall look of this bodyshell.

Some of the details include: Black Tetsujin body screws, Easymade license plate frame featuring a custom NC “BAD BUNY” plate I created on the DMV website and scaled on my printer. I also added a small SPEEDHUNTERS decal to the plate frame to add a little more interest. The front splitter and support struts are scratch built, along with the mini spoiler add on, and the rear diffuser sides. I used the Tamiya lexan headlight covers to make some custom aero style lights along with heavily modifying the stock bumper light buckets and making them into the headlights. This was finished off with some custom fiber optic bumper lights that were also built from scratch. I used a P!PES v2 light kit for the car, which worked out perfectly. The lighting effects from this kit are pretty sweet.

For wheels I chose Speedline LX two-tone back/chrome. For the final details I simply did all the panel lines, and used a few of the Tamiya body decals in select areas for some added interest.

RexRacer19 – Bad Bunny FD3S*

inittowinit – Ferrari 458 Libery Walk

XEONIT – Lancer Evo X

GL4787 – Tamiya WRX

feint motion – Silvia S15 HPI Racing

Total 100%

Source: DriftMission Forums