Max Speed Technology LSD 3.0 RS Gyro

Max Speed Technology has released a new and improved gyro that improves the LSD 2.0. This new LSD 3.0 RS gyro comes with new 3 Drift mode for different RWD drift settings. The S-Drive mode is the standard mode for the gyro, the L-Drive features a more flexible approach which is good for short distance curved tracks. Finally the H-Drive mode assists vehicle dynamically and is suited for long distance high speed drifting.
The LSD 3.0 RS also features adjustments the ability to adjust the gyro from your remote. The new Max Speed Techonology LSD 3.0 RS Gyros are hitting the market right now, so if you are looking for a new gyro to help you make those monster drifts check out the MST LSD 3.0 RS gyro. It is expected to retail for around $80 USD.
MST LSD 3 RS Gyro 2

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Source: Max Speed Technology

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