MST AKM Aluminum Upright Kit

MST recently released new MST AKM Aluminum Uprights (Steering Knuckles) Kit. The uprights are designed for anyone seeking more steering related adjustments. There are more than 20 adjustable ackermann angle settings, 9 sets of kingpin inclination angle adjustments and 18 kingpin snaps from top to bottom. This option part is very functional and geared towards performance adjustment seeking RC Drift junkies. This is a pricey upgrade, however most people will likely justify this purchase quite easily.

MST AKM Aluminum Uprights Kit (2WD)

  • Part Number: 820093
  • 20 adjustable Ackermann angle settings
  • 9 KPI angle adjustments
  • 18 different kingpin snap settings
  • more adjustments than you can shake a stick at
  • Available in 5 colours: Red, Silver, Black, Purple, Blue
  • Compatible with MST chassis

Approximate MSRP: $91.40 USD
MST AKM Aluminum Uprights Kit for 2WD (2)
Source: Max Speed Technology (MST)

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