MST Brake Disc and Caliper Review


Style and details have always been a large influence on the RC drift community. Many people spend countless hours and days on their drifters to make it as scale as possible. The amount of body work that goes into many drift cars are quite amazing! MST has taken note of this hunger for greater scale details and taken it to the next level. MST introduced their brake disc and caliper set for their MS-01D and FS-01D chassis. These new MST option parts will not give your MST chassis greater scale realism.

The MST calipers are also sold separately in the following colors.

Overall Quality

The rotors are machined from very nice aluminum and cross-drilled to reflect a 1:1 car. The calipers are painted a nice shiny red finish that really give it more depth and beauty. The quality of this MST brake and caliper kit is very good!

Kit Contents:
4x Alloy brake discs
4x Red painted plastic calipers
8x Fastening hardware
4x Rubber O-ring
4x Driveshaft pins
MST Decals

Product Review

This kit is especially made for MST Chassis ONLY, the calipers are specifically made to fit on MST uprights/knuckles. The kit is very easy to install and the instructions are straight forward. The brake disc fits with very good clearance between the caliper section so that it does not cause any rubbing or damage.
The red finish on the calipers really give it that extra depth and realness. MST did a very good job painting it for you with a nice glossy finish. The only complaint is that the calipers are not made of alloy. This also allows a weak point in case anything happens that the caliper would break first and not a combination of both disc and caliper.

The brake rotors are machined aluminum and cross drilled to reflect real cross drilled rotors. Each rotor is made to perfection and spins very true when installed on our MST FS-01D chassis. The rotors are machined so that a rubber o-ring can be fitted on the center with the rotor; his ensures that the wheel hub pins do not fall out. This is an extremely good idea from MST, now you can change wheels without worrying about the wheel hub pin falling out and causing a headache to re-insert.

Overall Value

The brake discs and calipers kit costs approximately $52USD. This may seem costly to many, but if we compare it to other similar products, you will notice it is not unreasonable. The 3racing Brake set; with active rotor and stationary calipers, retail for approximately $45USD per set. Eagle Racing has active brake set for their R31 based uprights which retail for approximately $48USD. The quality of the MST set cannot compare to the 3Racing set, the level of detail in the MST’s are just superb. The Eagle racing set comes close with details and would be quite good for a direct comparison. Although the MST set does cost slightly higher than its competitors, the quality and style are worth the cost!


The MST Brake Disc and Caliper set are proprietary for MST chassis only. The brake caliper will only fit on MST uprights/knuckles so that is the only downside. The brake rotors/discs are actually a very smart design, especially with an o-ring to retain the rotor in place. The style and scale realism of these MST option parts are absolutely stunning! The only downside to these is the cost, at $52USD per set. Although very comparable in price to Eagle Racing R31 Active Brake Kit at $48USD a set, which are also a similarly designed. These parts look great and really add more realism to any MST chassis, it is a worthwhile optional part if you can afford it.

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