Max Speed Technology has just announced the Mid Motor FMX 2.0 RWD RC Drift Chassis chassis. The MST Carbon Fibre Frame design features a highly rigid body structure.  This reinforced frame is helpful with providing advanced stability for the chassis. The FMX 2.0 is a low-threshold high-end rear wheel drive drift car. It is designed to provide all of the benefits of a shaft driven chassis with a mid-motor setup for maximum weight balance.

The new FMX 2.0 also features a new front suspension system that enables:

1.) Specific suspension for RWD drifting to create larger steering angle and easier adjustment.

2.) New resin upright is the derivative of ATK upright and allows for more adjustment.

3.) The bolt fix mounts on the upper arm supports feature 10 step adjustments.

The steel universal joint at the rear axle connection can suppress vibrations during operation.  The standard rear ball differential transmitted to the bevel gear, and corresponds to MST’s great 6 sets 2 reduction ratio parachute gear set.  This can be adjusted to adapt to specific drift tracks.

The new generation MB rear suspension system also allows for abundant adjustments and is equipped with a highly durable steel CVD shaft.

This chassis is derived from the FMX-D chassis, the lower and dual upper upper decks are made with high quality lightweight carbon fiber to enhance rigidity.

● Middle motor mounts and centralized configurations.
● Carbon fiber chassis with dual vertical carbon fiber upper deck.
● New great amount front suspension system.
● Adjustable Ackerman angle variation in 2 sections of steering system.
● Front steering wheel base KPI at 6 degrees. – 0.5 towing distance of axle.
● Newly designed front upper arm inside seat supports 10-steps bi-side adjustments.
● Full dust-proof rear gearbox with the bevel gear shaft drive.
● Standard ball differential.
● Variable second reduction ratio of the rear axle in a total of 6 variable range of 1.78-3.82 (standard 3.82).
● Newly designed MB multi-link rear suspension system.
● Rear drive system equipped with the steel CVD drive shaft.
● Standard aluminum high smooth hydraulic damper set.
● Equipped with the high-smooth metal ball connectors.
● Standard equipping with the realistic car brake and caliper set.

MST FMX 2.0 RWD RC Drift Chassis
SPECIFICATION:  1:10 Drift Car
WIDTH:  190mm
CASTER:  adjustable 6/8/10/12 degrees
CAMBER:  adjustable 0 to -12 degrees

Approximate MSRP: $299.00 USD

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Source: Max Speed Technology FMX-D chassis