MST FXX RC Drift Wheels

Max Speed Technology has added a new series of RC drift wheels to their growing product line-up. These sexy wheels are known as the FXX, which are scheduled for released in July 2013. We suspect they will be available in the usual MST variety of offsets ( 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) to match the body of your choice. The wheels also include an inner foam band for reducing noise when running. These wheels are designed for MST tires but will fit most 26mm sized tires such as HPI T-drifts and equivalents. Updates to come when more information is available.

MST FXX RC Drift Wheels

  • Part Number: (?mm offset) ?????? BK/C/FS/R/S/SBK/W
  • Part Number: (?mm offset) ?????? BK/C/FS/R/S/SBK/W<
  • Colors??: Black/Copper/Flat Silver/Red/Silver/Silver Black/White
  • Available in 5mm and 8mm offset

Approximate MSRP: $????

Don’t forget to visit MST’s new website at
Source: Max Speed Technology

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