MST TR56 Pro Aluminum Dampers

Max Speed Technology has introduced a new set of high performance dampers to the RC drift market. The TR56 Aluminum Dampers are made for maximum durability and high performance. This will be compatible with many existing MST chassis, and also universally usable on any chassis.

MST TR56 Professional Aluminium Dampers

  • Part No.: 820120
  • Specialized hard coating threaded aluminum dampers
  • High smooth teflon piston
  • Equipped with high performance smooth and corrosion resistance o-rings
  • Teflon gasket for sealing damper and suspension rod guide
  • Specialized Nickel treated suspension rod for smooth operation
  • Available in 5 colors (Blue, Red, Black, Purple and Silver)

Approximate MSRP: $60.40 USD

Click here to buy a set for your ride!

Source: Max Speed Technology

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