New RC Drift Guides Added

Hot Bodies TC-FD Chassis Build by RC Drift Mission

Chassis Guide

This guide will help outline the basics of RC Drift & help to explain the different chassis options. This guide is meant for beginners to get the basic understanding, and then develop your own style. So nothing here is absolute. The great thing about the hobby is that we all have different personalities that transfer …
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Viper RC vst motor

Electronics Guide

Electronics Motors: Brushless vs. Brushed Here’s the differences, pros, and cons of both. Brushed uses mechanical method to generate current. Current flows through the brushes and those brushes make contact with with a commutator shaft causing the rotor to spin (watered down definition). These motors are measured in “turns”. Lower the turn, faster the motor. …
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Alex Racing Design RC Drift Springs (Hard)

Suspension & Gearing Guide

The Basic Setup-Understanding Suspension Suspension. Ok, there is a TON of information on suspension out there because in RC (and in real racing) suspension pretty much makes or breaks a good setup. There’s a lot that happens to your shocks and springs when you drift. Again, I don’t want to make this really technical, and …
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Technique & Practice Guide

Understanding the basics of RC drifting Ok, so now you’ve got your setup, you’re going to want to drive. Here I’m going to talk about the basics of drifting. Again, every driver has a different style and technique. So in no way am I saying “you have to do it like this”. Learn the basics. …
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Overdose Works Emotion CR Wheels for RC Drift

Tire & Camber Guide

Tires You have a number of options for tires out there to choose from. HPI T-Drifts (most common out there) Tamiya Driftechs Yokomo Single Rings HPI LP’s and Type A treaded Active Hobbies Shimizu Racing Blade Racing RC Spice Raikou Drift Tires (from NYC) Sushi Tires aka PVC tires Which tire is better? Every brand/Type … View page »

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