Nissan Laurel C35 Version 2 by Pandora RC

Pandora RC has also released a second version of the Nissan Laurel C35. The Nissan Laurel C35 Version 2 has significantly smaller front and rear bumpers. The less aggressive bumpers make the car softer and more VIP. The Nissan Laurel 4-door luxury sedan when it first debut in 1997. Now in 2011, these cars are more commonly found on many drift circuits where the V.I.P. drifters are gaining momentum. These cars are now being used everywhere in Japan for 1:1 drifting, and the trend in RC drift is no different. VIP drifters are popping up everywhere in the RC Drift community, and Pandora RC is at the forefront of producing these vintage bodies for your VIP drifting addiction.

The Nissan Laurel C35 will be available by mid to late September. This body is officially licensed by Nissan so that the details and scale of the car is preserved.

Product Specifications
Size Width: 200mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
1:10 scale Polycarbonate body comes with decals and painted mask decals
Polycarbonate front light buckets

Source: Pandora RC Japan