November 2015 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner

After another great round of the DriftMission Forums RC Drift Body of The Month contest we have a winner! This months winner is RexRacer 19 with his D-Like Rockstar S13 . Full voting details are posted below the photos. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
If you are interested in entering or voting for the DriftMission RC Drift Body of The Month contest click here.
Design: 1) My favorite (now discontinued) flavor of Rockstar was Recovery Grape. I always thought that the color scheme on that can would make a great race livery. 2) I really like the look/livery of the Team Yellow Onevia. I basically did a mashup of the two to get the result you see with this body.
Body: D-Like S-13 shell with no significant modifications.
Paint: Tamiya translucent purple (PS45), backed by Tamiya metallic silver (PS48), and then backed it all in black (PS5).
Wheels: Tetsujin Super Rims. Chrome hoops with white jasmine inserts.
Tires: MST
Accessories: PiPES single 12mm backfire unit out back, Yokomo light buckets, mirrors, and FMIC. I also made a custom roll cage using styrene rod.
Description: One of my top 3 favorite US drift team S13s, it was the only one i have not seen replicated so I decided to change that. The decals were custom made by myself. I found a Rockstar vector graphic online, and used inkscape to change all the colors to work with my theme and to create a layout that fit on a standard sheet of paper. I then printed the graphics on some inkjet vinyl, and applied a clear overlaminate to protect them and provide a glossy finish. They were then all cut out by hand and applied. A lot of work…
You can find the Work In Progress posting here.

RexRacer19 – The Punisher S13 52.94%

kimosan – D-Like FD3S Miyagi San Dojo Edition 5.88%

Robster1992 – Mazda RX-8 5.88%

ridinvintage – ABC Hobby Sileighty 29.41%

feint motion – Silvia S14 5.88%

Source: DriftMission Forums

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