October 2013 Body of the Month Winner

Congratulations to SePtOn! from our DriftMission.com forums for winning the October 2013 Body of The Month contest. Check out this amazing Skyline R33 modeled after a 1:1 drifter. The level of detail is fantastic, we here at DriftMission were very impressed!! Voting results are posted below the photo gallery!

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!

[alert type=”blue”]”First, I’m very happy my body won the contest. Thanks to everyone who voted for my work and who supported this project, especially DRIFT Energy and Rene Portz from Team MPS Engineering.” – SePtOn[/alert]

  • Design: This is a replica of a famous german drift car named “The Shredder” driven by Rene Portz. Rene supported this project and gave me all files I needed. Many thanks, dude! All decals are handmade and hand cutted.
  • Body: Pandora Skyline R33 with driver inlay
  • Paint: Airbrushed by Tim Lepperhof ( www.juicy.colors.de )
  • Wheels: MST 10 Spoke 5mm (looks like the original ASA wheel) painted green
  • Tires: Depends on underground: Hei-ko Constant Grip, Hei-ko hard edge, Streetjam hard, RC-ART Derive RT01 , etc.
  • Accessories: Driver Inlay with detailed dashboard ( original R33 gauges) and backlight, modified rear wing, modified tail lights using Tamiya lightbuckets and wrap up film, self made roll cage, mini go pros
  • Description: First I wanted to build Rene’s last year design, but when I asked him for some files he asked me to wait some days to look at the new DRIFT Energy livery. I loved the new car and started to build. Unfortunately Rene got his nickname “The Shredder” because he uses to ride his car along the walls to tap them. So it wasn’t easy to get a full replica, while the Shredder changes after every competition. 😀 But it was more easy to get a dirty, scratchy and used look like the big Shredder.
    Some friends love my car, too. So we decided to found “Team DRIFT Energy” and built some new cars in this awesome design. You can find us on Facebook here. Also, please take a look at our photography page, too. If you love Rene’s car, give him a like here


  • SePtOn – “The Shredder” 129
  • Alex Berlin – Skyline R34 Midnight Purple 80
  • teshi – Mark X 47
  • lougc8 – Scion FRS 41
  • Roman002 – Subaru Impreza 22
  • jtford20 – Datsun 240Z 18
  • gerakatom – Datsun 240Z 19
  • Arc Wolfie – Overdose Mark X 13
  • rubberfer Silvia S14 7
  • Heru Farukon – Toyota Aristo / Lexus GS 300 3

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