Onisiki Aluminum RC Drift Gyro

The all new aluminum Onisiki RC Drift & F1 Gyro looks pretty damn good and this is the latest option available. The CNC anodized outter shell is engraved with the Oniski Logo to give extra protection to the circuit board. The gyro gain is adjustable from both the gyro and from your transmitter if you have more than 2 channels on both your receiver and transmitter.
This is available now from RCMart.com for $23.90 USD.

Specifications of the Onisiki Aluminum RC Drifting Gyro

  • Dimension: 25.6*24.5*10mm
  • Weight: 13.5g
  • Operating Voltage: 6v
  • Sensor: Vibrating Gyroscopic Sensor


  • Aluminum Case High Stability Gyro (1 pc)
  • Adjustment Screwdriver (1 pc)
  • Manual (1 pc)

Source: RCMart.com

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