OUTCLIP Yokomo Drift Package Conversion Kit

This was recently announced by OUTCLIP for the Yokomo Drift Package / MR4-TC SD. The conversion kit is made from high quality SSG carbon fiber and has a fantastic finish to it. The new conversion kit will allow you to change the roll characteristics of the chassis. By changing the number and position of the consolidated post center and side braces it is possible to modify the roll characteristics. The conversion will allow for 3 different layouts including, original DPM, dual servo (Yatabe Layout), and RWD!
OUTCLIP Yokomo DPM Conversion Kit TYPE HS - DriftMission (2)
The kit is currently only available for pre-order, and are expected to start shipping early February 2014. This kit comes with the standard size LiPo battery plate however in the case of short batteries, you will need to purchase the short battery plate separately.

Product Listing

  • Main chassis X 1
  • Center brace X 1
  • Side brace X 2
  • Brace connecting post X 15
  • Standard size battery plate X 1


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