Overdose Adjustable Aluminum Suspension Arms

New from Overdose come adjustable aluminum front suspension arm set. New smart design avoids interference with the wheel at large steering angles, additionally redesigned is the mounting method of the damper. The new damper pivot ball position enables the application of the correct lever ratio while reducing the interference of the damper and tire (small adjustments can be made with spacers).
The new two piece design allows for quick and quantifiable adjustments. The new design also allows for adjustments to the length and caster angle therefore allowing better corresponding setup to the wheelbase and trailing angles. Available anodized in three colors, purple, red, and black. This is a NEW adjustable suspension arms given a new mechanism and performance necessary to RWD, but can be used for AWD by adding the conventional King pin ball end (for AWD applicatoin the knuckle stopper cannot be installed).

Overdose Adjustable Aluminum Suspension Arms

  • Smart new design by Overdose
  • Adjustable caster
  • Adjustable length
  • Adjustments are made on the arms to minimize changes to the knuckles
  • New damper mounting position for optimal performance
  • Available in Purple, Red and Black anodized

Approximate MSRP: 12,960JPY

Source: Weld Overdose

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