Overdose Adjustable RWD Knuckle Set

Weld Overdose has introduced new Adjustable Aluminum RWD Knuckle Set. Designed specifically for RWD functionality, rigorous testing and research has gone into developing the new compact design steering knuckles.
This new design adopts a permanent 5 degree King Pin design which is static, contrary to recent releases from WUN, MST, Yokomo and various other manufacturers. The design of these knuckles is centered around the mounting position of the steering tie-rod. This enables the Ackerman Angles to be adjusted right at the knuckle level. The new design allows for an easy to adjust steering trailing angle, simply add spacers. Overall this allows for easy adjustment without the trouble of re-adjusting the gyro end points.
It sounds like an abundant amount of R&D has gone into the design of these new knuckles. With this new part, Overdose has set its sights on creating a RWD functional knuckle without the abundant amount of blind adjustments.

Overdose Adjustable RWD Knuckle Set

  • Product Number: OD2079 (Purple), OD2080 (Red), OD2081 (Black)
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Specifically designed for RWD
  • 5 degree king pin angle
  • Trailing angle adjustment with spacers
  • 2mm from zero Ackerman position on the inside (adjustable outside to 1mm at 0.5mm pitch)
  • Save time from resetting gyro end points
  • OD styling and quality
  • Designed for Vacula/Divall/XEX/Drift Package chassis
  • Available in Purple, Red and Black

Approximate MSRP ¥14,040 JPY
Source: Weld Overdose

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