Overdose Aluminum C-hub and Knuckle Set for Yokomo DP

Weld Overdose will be releasing more functional goodies for the Yokomo Drift Package! Aluminum C-hub and Steering Knuckle set is made for the Drift Package. This is a great upgrade to further enhance performance for the Drift Package chassis. These parts are designed with 8 degrees of Caster and King Pin Inclination (KPI). These knuckles have been redesigned to adopt R31 style universal drive shafts.
Coupled with the newly released OD Steering Set to maximize performance of the Yokomo Drift Package. Available in seven (7) colors, similar to all OD products, special edition and limited quantities, pre-order is key! These parts will be released in Late June of 2013!
Overdose C hub and Knuckle for Yokomo DP (2)

Overdose Aluminum C-hub and Knuckle for Yokomo Doripake

  • Product Number: OD1298 (Blue), OD1371 Purple, OD1372 Red, OD1373 Gold, OD1374 Silver, OD1375 Pink, OD1376 Black
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • 8 degrees Caster Angle
  • 8 degrees King Pin Inclination
  • Utilized R31 style universal driveshafts
  • Designed for Yokomo Drift Package chassis
  • Compatible with DRB (spacers provided)
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Designed to be used in combination with OD 1252 (OD Steering Set)

Approximate MSRP ¥8190JPY

Source: Weld Overdose

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