Overdose Aluminum Damper Caps for Yokomo

Want more Weld Overdose for your Yokomo? Now is your chance, New Aluminum Damper Caps is made for the all Drift Package chassis’. The new design features a new top and bottom cap for your shock dampers. The top cap has been finished of with Overdose logo on top of the cap. Both top and bottom caps are also designed to create the perfect seal to your dampers without damaging any internal o-rings or bladders. If you cannot get enough of Overdose, then this is the option part for you. Available in blue as the standard color, 6 other colors are special edition and limited quantities, pre-order is key!
Overdose Damper Caps for Yokomo (3)

Overdose Aluminum Damper Caps for Yokomo

  • Product Number: OD1357 (Blue), Purple, Red, Gold, Silver, Pink, Black
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Unique Overdose styling
  • Better seal without damaging internals
  • Designed for Yokomo dampers
  • Blue is standard color

Approximate MSRP ¥1680JPY
Overdose Damper Caps for Yokomo (1)
Source: Weld Overdose

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