Overdose Aluminum Rear Uprights for Yokomo DP

Weld Overdose will be releasing more goodies for the Yokomo Drift Package! Aluminum Rear Uprights is made for the Drift Package and the DRB If you are an Overdose and Yokomo Drift Package owner, then this is the option part for you. Available in seven (7) colors. Similar to all OD products, special edition and limited quantities, pre-order is key!

Overdose Aluminum Rear Uprights for Yokomo Doripake

  • Product Number: OD1300 (Blue), OD1383 Purple, OD1384 Red, OD1385 Gold, OD1386 Silver, OD1387 Pink, OD1388 Black
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Increase roll center adjustments
  • Two lower arm mounting positions
  • Four upper arm mounting positions
  • Designed for Yokomo Drift Package chassis
  • Compatible with Yokomo DRB (spacer included)
  • Available in 7 colors

Approximate MSRP ¥4830JPY
Overdose Aluminum Rear Uprights for Yokomo (2)
Source: Weld Overdose

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