Overdose Aluminum Upper Arm Mounts for Yokomo DP

Another release from Weld Overdose for the Yokomo Drift Package! New Aluminum Upper Arm Mount Set for the Type-C Drift Package. these have been designed by Overdose for functionality and performance. The new aluminum upper arm mounts also increase the adjustments of the upper mount for the upper suspension arms. Made of high quality lightweight aluminum alloy for optimal performance and elegance. If you are an Overdose and Yokomo products fan, this is the option part for you. Pre-order now from various online retailers, shipping will likely be in April of 2013!
Overdose Alum Upper arms mout set for DP Type C (9)

Overdose Aluminum Upper Arm Mount Set for Yokomo DP Type-C

  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Also supports high caster
  • Variable upper suspension arm positioning
  • Combined with OD aluminum shock tower for optimal adjustment
  • Designed for Yokomo Drift Package Type-C chassis

Approximate MSRP ¥4095JPY

Product Codes

  • Blue – OD1245
  • Purple – OD1286
  • Red – OD1287
  • Gold – OD1288
  • Silver – OD1289
  • Pink – OD1290
  • Black = OD1291

Source: Weld Overdose

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