Overdose Motor Mount for Yokomo DRB

Weld Overdose has released a new aluminum motor mount for the Yokomo DRB. The new motor mount bulkhead has been redesigned for better performance and ease of maintenance; all with an Overdose styling that exceeds anything else in the RC drift market. The DRB is already a superb RC Drift machine, the only thing better would be to Overdose it.

Overdose DRB Motor Mount Features:
The new aluminum motor mount bulkhead, available in blue and red, has been drastically redesigned to increase its performance. Maintenance is also improved with the new three piece design; belt and tensioner adjustments are now easier than ever. The new center beam of the motor bulkhead significantly enhances the rigidity of the chassis, motor mount and also reduces the load on the tensioner pulleys. The center beam now has integrated pulley tensioner holders for both the front and rear differential tensioners (Note: Additional tensioner purchase is necessary if you choose to have a front tensioner). Adjustment of belt tension is now easier than before with a larger mounting slot. All these features with a bold and aggressive Overdose aesthetic styling, a must have for any DRB owner and Overdose fan.

Motor Mount Contents:
Aluminum Motor Mount x1
Aluminum Center Bulkhead pieces x1
One Aluminum Center Upper Bulkhead x1
Mounting screws x4

Source: Weld Overdose

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