Overdose Universal Driveshafts for Yokomo DP

Weld Overdose has just announced the release of their long awaited Wide Angle Universal Driveshafts for the popular Yokomo Drift Package series. These universal drive shafts are featured in two separate lengths and made for high steering angle use, ideal for countersteer CS drifters. Made of high strength materials in a stylish Overdose fashion, these drive shaft will perform as good as they look. An essential upgrade for anyone looking to get more than 50° out of their Yokomo Drift Package.

This may be one of the lowest demand Overdose option parts out there, especially since most have switched away from the Yokomo DP as countersteer CS drifting is starting to gain traction and popularity. These new high angle universal drive shafts will be a welcomed option part for any existing Yokomo MR4TC Drift Package enthusiasts. This is the perfect solution for high angle steering chatter problems. With the Overdose Drive Shafts you can now get up to 55° of steering angle, and available in 44.0mm and 45.5mm lengths. No more chatter problem! Now the only thing limiting you from more steering will the be actual steering assembly design.
Source: Weld Overdose