Overdose WORK Meister S1R & VS KF Wheels

Overdose has released new WORK wheels, we continue to be impressed by the level of detail and quality of Weld Overdose products for RC Drifting. These new wheels are no exception, the new Overdose WORK Meister S1R and VS KF wheels are available in 5mm and 7mm offsets. They are available in the standard two versions, the chrome look and the polished aluminum finish. The Overdose WORK wheels are available for roughly $11 USD per set of 2.
Both wheels are extremely good looking and will be sure to make your ride stand out from the crowd!
Check out the full picture gallery below.

Overdose WORK Meister S1R Wheels

  • OD-1179 Meister S1R Polished Aluminum 5mm Offset
  • OD-1180 Meister S1R Chrome Finish 5mm Offset
  • OD-1181 Meister S1R Polished Aluminum 7mm Offset
  • OD-1182 Meister S1R Chrome Finish 7mm Offset

Overdose WORK VS KF Wheels

  • OD-1183 VS KF Polished Aluminum 5mm Offset
  • OD-1184 VS KF Chrome Finish 5mm Offset
  • OD-1185 VS KF Polished Aluminum 7mm Offset
  • OD-1186 VS KF Chrome Finish 7mm Offset

Source: Overdose