Overdose XEX Carbon Chassis Upgrade Kit

Weld Overdose has created a conversion kit for the new XEX chassis lineup. The new upgrade kit includes a hybrid combination of carbon and aluminum upgrades to improve the plastic central XEX chassis segment.
The double deck carbon chassis is integrated with structural aluminum to reinforce the central main frame portion of the chassis. The double deck structure of the carbon effectively lowers the center of gravity and creates improved chassis roll characteristics and traction to optimize performance.
Look for this conversion kit to hit the JDM market in September of 2016 retailing for an approximate price of $550USD. Perfect for all Overdose fanatics!

Overdose XEX Carbon Chassis Conversion Kit

  • Product No.: OD2249 (Purple), OD2250 (Red), OD2251 (Black)
  • Aluminum anodized to OD Purple, Red and Black
  • 2.4mm double deck matte black carbon design
  • Aluminum reinforced for optimal performance
  • Servo mount for added rigidity and steering performance
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Improved roll characteristics
  • Improved chassis rigidity
  • Improved traction and control
  • Overall improved performance
  • Compatible with XEX, XEX Vspec., XEX spec.R chassis

Approximate MSRP: ¥45,360JPY
Source: Weld Overdose

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