Pandora RC Nissan Cima F50

Pandora RC just announced another JDM favorite RC Body. The Nissan Cima F50 has been an icon in the JDM luxury VIP world. The body comes unpainted with decals, masking, and accessories. The body will be 196mm in width and will be available in early 2014 at Pandora RC retailers. This Pandora RC Nissan Cima F50 RC Drift body has very impressive details.
The Cima has a MSRP of around $40 USD, and includes masking and decals.

Pandora RC Nissan Cima F50 Body

  • Product Name PAB-140
  • Polycarbonate body unpainted 1/10
  • Decals and masking decals & accessories
  • Certified Body from Nissan Corporation
  • Wheelbase: 258-260mm
  • Width: 196mm

Approximate MSRP: ¥3570

Source: Pandora RC

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