Pandora RC Nissan HCR32 GTS-T BN Sports Body

Pandora RC products has just announced another new Skyline R32 BN Sports 1:10 scale body for RC Drift. The popular Nissan HCR32 GTS-T BN Sports edition is now in production and is starting to show up online. The new body is a poly-carbonate body and includes the BN Sports body kit on the HCR32 Skyline.
The Pandora RC Nissan HCR32 GTS-T BN Sports is officially licensed by the Nissan Motor Corporation and is made to reflect every details as accurately as possible. The body also includes some new features like a photorealistic dash with steering wheel and a rearview mirror. Nissan R32 fans now have another great choice for picking up a R32 RC Drift body.

Product Name Nissan HCR32 GTS-T / BN Sports
Product No PAB-161
Price 4,200 JPY
Width Size 198 mm
  • 1/10 scale
  • The product is unpainted
  • Body made from polycarbonate
  • Decals & masking is attached
  • The instrument panel is attached. (steering wheel / rearview mirror)
  • Roof spoiler attachment
  • Sideview mirror attachment (back & sideview mirror / There is no face shapes)
  • The image of the publication is a painting example.
  • The sale product becomes the clear body.
  • The accessories such as a mirror or the windshield wiper are not included.
  • Made in Japan

Source: Pandora RC

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