Pandora RC Nissan Sileighty (S15)

Pandora RC has released a new drift body, the Nissan Sil-Eighty. For many of those that are addicted to the initial-D series, this car is a very popular one from the anime series. This 1/10 scale drift body is a combination of two very popular cars in the drift world; the S15 front section and 180SX rear section. The Official Nissan body will include polycarbonate front and rear light buckets as well as the rear wing.

Official Pandora RC Literature:

Pandora Rc PAB-010
PAB-010 Nissan Sileighty S15
Size Width: 197mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
Masking Decal Decal & accessories
Nissan Official
Source: Pandora RC

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