Pandora RC Subaru Impreza Wagon GF8

Pandora RC continues to release good looking bodies! This one is no exception, the Pandora RC Subaru Impreza Wagon GF8 RC Drift Body. This is expected to be released sometime in July or August 2013, and appears it will be released with many polycarbonate details accessories included.
Pandora has done a great job replicating the small details of the classic Subaru Impreza GF-8 Wagon body into a 1:10 version.

Pandora RC Subaru Impreza Wagon GF8 RC Body

  • Product Name PAB-037?
  • Polycarbonate body unpainted 1/10
  • Decals and masking decals & accessories
  • Front and rear polycarbonate light buckets included
  • Certified Body from Subaru Corporation
  • Wheelbase: 258-260mm
  • Width: 198mm?

Approximate MSRP: ¥3500JPY

Source: Pandora RC

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