Pandora RC Under Body Set

Pandora RC products has just announced a new under body panel set (carbon fiber style) to their growing line-up. The kit includes Front and Rear spoilers, along with side skirts (2 door), canards, a rear wing, and more! The kit appears to be somewhat universal as it is shown below on Pandora RC bodies with different widths, however there will be some limitations based on the width of each body. No specific details were available at the time of this posting but would imagine it works between 195mm-198mm.
This is expected to be on sale in the coming days and should retail for around $40 USD. No word if they plan to release a clear version for those who want to paint their own color.

Product Specifications

  • Product Name : Under Panel Set Carbon Style
  • Model No.: PAI-???
  • 1:10 scale carbon fiber style polycarbonate under body panel set

Approximate MSRP: ¥4200JPY
Source: Pandora RC

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