P!PES Lightweight V2 LED Light Kit Review


This kit features 12 LEDs and 12 different light sequences that can be changed by using the 3rd channel switch on your remote. Another great features is the super clean wiring will help you avoid wire spaghetti hell!
The kits are available directly from RC P!PES or from other online P!PES retailers for around $30 USD. P!PES also guarantees all components against manufacturer defect for 2 years after the date of purchase.

Product Review

We have seen our fair share of different styles of light kits for your RC Drifter. We have pretty much tried them all and have been very impressed by the level of quality and features of the PIPES Lightweight v2 LED Light Kit. The kit comes complete with 12 lights and 12 different style light sequences. The attention to detail is shown in the overall quality of this product and it’s backed up with a 2 year warranty.


  • Lightweight main circuitboard of 20gram.
  • 6 white LEDs for the front.
  • 6 red LEDs for the rear.
  • 12 light sequences (1 sequence is lights on)
  • Switchable with the third channel from your receiver, no switch required

Overall Quality

The quality of the kit is fantastic, the wires are strong and easily bendable to easily achieve the clean look. The kit also enables you to switch between 12 different light sequences to suit the needs of your ride. In our previous review of the P!PES Backfire LED Exhaust kit we found the wires a little short to cleanly run it up the window frames this is not the case here.
The v2 LED P!PES light kit provides ample wire so even if you are running a long VIP the wires will easily reach so you can keep it clean!

Overall Value

P!PES v2 Light Kit retails for around $30 USD which is a pretty good deal when you consider the features. Other kits at this price range do not offer ribbon wire and sometimes do not allow for the clean wire run up the window frames or 12 LEDs. The kit we reviewed came with Red/Blue flashing 3mm LEDs, but you can also get Red/Green or just White (front) Red (rear)
Additionally the V2 P!PES Light Kit enables you to turn on the lights from your remote and change to the other light sequences. However this specific kit doesn’t offer left/right blinkers or high beam/low beam, but for what it lacks there it makes up in size, weight, and wiring. Plus with only 1 wire to connect you don’t have to worry about a connection to your servo to handle the blinkers.
You can buy this light kit directly from the http://rc-pipes-shop.com/.


If you are looking for a high quality easy to install and use LED light kit for your ride look no further than the P!PES V2 LED Light Kit. With all of the features and size you really can’t go wrong with this kit. We did find 12 LEDs were too many lights for some bodies, but worked well on the WeldxOverdose JZX100. As you can see from the photos and video below the kit is exceptionally small and light weight providing that feeling like it’s not even there.

Say goodbye to wire spaghetti hell as this kit comes with ribbon wire to keep it hella clean!!

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][review_summary title=”Summary” summary=”The P!PES v2 Lightweight LED Kit has great features including the best wiring we have ever seen.” positives=”Bright LEDs
Attaches Easily to Body
On/Off + Sequence Changes from Remote
Clean Wiring
Weight & Size” negatives=”Mainly 5mm LEDs
Limited Color Options”][rating title=”Design” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Quality” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Value” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Durability” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Functionality” value=”4″ range=”5″]
Buy one today directly from P!PES RC Shop click here.

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