Question of The Month December 2011 Results

Last month we asked our viewers and reader what they wanted to see on Now that everyone has had a chance to vote, we have the final results. ‘RC Drift Products’ and ‘Custom Modifications’ were the two big contenders of last months poll. In the end RC Drift Products was the big winner, so will continue to report all RC Drift Products in the coming year! We understand that RC Drift Products has priority on and will always be the primary focus.

Drift Mission staff have discussed the remainder of the results from Decembers question of the month. We feel that ‘Custom Modifications’ and ‘Product Builds and Reviews’ are also important aspects of the RC Drift community that need some coverage. These two sections will be a secondary priority that our staff would like to build on.
For the ‘Product Builds and Reviews’ section we will continue to expand and perform more reviews on products as we obtain them. For current product reviews sections our staff purchase these products themselves for the review. This means that the products we review are from a balanced and subjective point of view. We would like to do more in the future, however the quantity of reviews will depend on how much we can afford to spend on the hobby.
Custom modifications requires a large amount of work, time an dedication to perform; especially something like a chassis modification. For the custom modifications section we will start with features of our own custom mods that we have performed. We would also like to feature modifications from our users as well. If you have a custom mod or a request for a mod that you would like to see featured, please contact us. This section will involve the most reader participation, so if you can help please contact us. It is not an easy section to maintain so any help will be appreciated by our staff.
Drift Mission has always welcomed any and all contributions from our readers. It is already a difficult task to keep up with new RC Drift Products. Now with several new sections added to, we need your help more than ever. If you have information about new products, modifications, or anything RC Drift related, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate any feedback you would have to make this site better. We need to work together to make the RC Drift community a more enjoyable place to be.

The question for January is: What would you like to see more on Drift Mission?

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