Question of The Month – May 2012 Results

May Question of the Month Results

May Question of the Month ResultsThe new question of the month for June is: What motor position do you prefer? Everyone has their personal preference of one over another, Front, midship or rear motor positioned chassis all have their distinct benefits. Tell us which position is best for you! May question of the month was: What battery position do you use? Thank you to everyone that voted. After a month of voting the results are in, the most popular choice of battery position is…

Lateral/Horizontal was the most popular choice by drifters, next was Longitudinal/Vertical positioning. The lateral battery position is likely the most popular due to the new Drift Specifications with a midship motor design with battery and electronics directly behind it, similar to the Tamiya VDF. This design was carried through many different chassis in the market and by far the most popular one used by all Drift Spec manufacturers. The longitudinal battery position has started to penetrate the RC Drift community as well. With the introduction of the Street Jam R31, Tamiya TA-06, MST FS-01D and the Yokomo DIB, the battery positioning choices have become more of a factor. Weight and balance play a significant role in drifting so these have become popular choice chassis for many in the community. Thanks to all that voted, May 2012 question of the month was a success.

Breakdown of May poll results below

May Question of the Month Results

What battery position do you prefer?

Answers Votes %Total Votes
Lateral/Horizontal 87 53%
Longitudinal/Vertical 72 44%
Other 6 3%
Total Votes: 165

The new question for June is: What motor position do you prefer?
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