Question of The Month – November 2011

Octobers question of the month was: What RC Drift Wheels/Rims Do You Prefer? Taking first place for the poll last month was Speed Way Pal, followed closely by HPI and Other Manufacturers. We ourselves own several pairs of wheels from the manufacturers in the list, so it is clear why speed way pal took the title, their wheels are very stylish, durable and relatively inexpensive. They have had the best track record above the rest, but the other manufacturers are slowly gaining ground. The new wheels by Vertex and Overdose have again brought scale drift wheels to another level. The attention to details rivals that of speed way pal. If this poll was taking in another 6 months or year from now, these results might be very different.

Breakdown of the results below

What RC Drift Wheels/Rims Do You Prefer?

Speed Way Pal 29% (60 votes)
HPI 22% (47 votes)
Other 15% (31 votes)
Spice RC 10% (22 votes)
Weld Overdose 10% (21 votes)
RC Art 7% (15 votes)
T&E Vertex 7% (14 votes)
Total Votes: 210

The question for November is: What RC Drift Chassis Manufacturer do you prefer?

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