Question of The Month – October 2011

This months question was what RC body do you prefer? We received over 300 votes for this poll and the clear winner was Yokomo. After owning a number of different manufacturers bodies I would have to agree with the majority. Although the others offer some quality RC bodies, Yokomo has been long known for making highly detailed RC drift bodies. The Yokomo bodies tend to hold up and last longer than any of the competition. Tamiya came in a close second for good reason, it is hard to beat the value and detail you get from Tamiya. Most come with all the body accessories, as apposed to Yokomo who sells the light buckets separately.

Breakdown of the results below

What RC Body Do You Prefer?

Yokomo  44.44%  (136 votes)  
Tamiya  29.41%  (90 votes)  
HPI  15.69%  (48 votes)  
Other  6.86%  (21 votes)  
Speed Way Pal  3.59%  (11 votes)  
Total Votes: 306

The question for October is What RC Drift wheels / rims do you prefer?

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