R31House GRK Global RC Drift Chassis Review

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CF & Aluminum Parts
Smooth as Butter” negatives=”Torque Steer
Hard to Find Parts
Limited CS Options”]
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R31house debuted the GRK chassis line-up last year exclusively in Japan. After the success of the chassis in Japan, they are now introducing one to the world, called the GRK Global edition. The GRK Global edition is the culmination of lessons learned from its predessor resulting in a more refined performance. The GRK is a center shaft driven, mid-rear mounted motor RC Drift chassis. The stock setup of this chassis is a 50/50 AWD setup complete with ball-differentials. CS capability has been announced but details are yet to be confirmed. RC mart was kind enough to allow us the opportunity to test drive this chassis with their Yeah Racing Hacktronic Drift Electronics and RC OMG servo.

The Review

Chassis Kit Impressions

The GRK Global edition is a very well designed RC Drift chassis kit. It has all the essentials it needs to get the job done, with space left for upgrading option parts. The chassis is well equipped with aluminium and carbon fiber bits to make a person smile while not breaking the bank. The plastic bits are sturdy and look to be molded to high precision. The chassis manual is well illustrated for assembly purposes and annotated with English for the international market. The stock kit comes unassembled so the end-user needs to know that assembly is required. Learn more about the chassis here.


  • Full ball bearings
  • High angle front universal driveshafts
  • Rear dog-bone driveshafts
  • Carbon fiber main and upper chassis plates
  • Carbon fiber front and rear damper stay
  • Carbon fiber battery holder
  • Aluminium motor mount
  • Slide rail steering system
  • Sliding adjustable motor mount
  • Aeration style dampers
  • Hex screws
  • All parts and upgrades are compatible with R31HOUSE GRK 2 chassis

Compatibility with the GRK 2 chassis means that upgrade parts are already available in the market. For those that crave "bling-ing" out a chassis, this is ready!

Overall Quality of Chassis Kit

This chassis is well designed and built. The carbon fiber are cut from a high quality material, the aluminium parts are essential for operation while annodized black to blend into the carbon fiber. The plastic parts are molded to high quality and look to be very durable. This chassis is equipped with everything you need to get the job done! Overall this is of very good quality chassis kit.

Overall Value

The GRK Global chassis is priced MSRP at $315 USD. This chassis kit comes with a generous amount of carbon fiber and aluminum parts that enhance both function and style. This chassis is priced slightly higher than entry-level kits however offers the user more performance and future capability than its lower priced competitors. The chassis has several other more innovative designs that further enhance performance. This kit is a very good platform for intermediate to expert level RC Drifters. This car is good to learn on and has room for growth with any drifter. All the settings you need are adjustable for anyone that enjoys tuning their chassis.

Test Drive and Feedback

The chassis handled very smooth and stable during several test sessions. Operation was very smooth, the only exception was the slight torque steer, however this is caused by the motor configuration in a shaft driven configuration. All the movements in the chassis are very smooth, it drove very well, its easy to handle and fun to throw around corners. Overall we were very impressed with the chassis. Videos of the chassis at the DM test track can be found below 🙂
We did take it to the local track for a few drivers to try out. The generally consensus was that it lacked CS, but very easy and fun to drive.


R31House has done a great job with the design of the GRK chassis. This is by far one of the best budget oriented shaft driven chassis on the market today. We recommend this chassis to intermediate level RC drifters as it does require assembly and some RC knowledge. We sincerely hope that CS options will become available for this chassis. We found it difficult to revert back to 50/50 after many years of CS and RWD. This was a bit of a challenge and to be honest do not miss it at all!

Video of the GRK Global in Action