R31House GRK Global RWD Version 2 Conversion Kit

R31House have released a brand new version 2 conversion kit for the GRK Global chassis kit. The conversion kit includes a newly designed upper and lower decks for optimal RWD performance.
The upper deck is “disconnected” and the lower deck is stiffened to increase grip. The design has also been changed to allow for optimal steering geometry.

R31House GRK Global RWD Conversion Kit

  • Disconnected upper carbon deck
  • Stiffer lower carbon deck for better grip
  • New shape of lower deck increases chassis stability
  • New mounting positions for steering rack
  • New rear gear case mounting desk
  • New spacing for front and rear suspension mounts
  • New mounting positions for short battery
  • Servo can be mounted on left or right side of chassis
  • New lower deck designed to optimize steering angles
  • Designed for increased traction
  • Overall improved chassis performance

Approximate MSRP: ¥17,064 JPY
Source: R31house