R31World GRK 2 RC Drift Chassis

The next generation of the GRK shaft driven chassis is now on the market. The GRK 2 was released several months ago but was very localized in the Japanese local market. The chassis has also made its mark among Brazillians everywhere primarily due to Slow Freak Team’s consistent features on Facebook. We contacted Slow Freaks (Seiji Assakawa / Gigante Slow Freaks team) for more information regarding the GRK 2 chassis and received some great information about this chassis. This is what he had to say….
The GRK2 is a chassis manufactured in japan by R31 House. GRK 2 Chassis is a Shaft Driven HIGH-END KIT. It is fully equipped with carbon fiber and aluminum parts. This chassis has similar characteristics to another chassis on the market. The most innovative is the Slyder steering system. The steering system sits on a rail that slides side to side, creating a more consistent movements compared to steering wiper systems. The slyder rail also has a number of steering adjustments such as Ackerman angle, steering limits and many more. The kit also includes many other aluminum and carbon fiber parts.
The GRK2 KIT does not include the suspension arms and connecting knuckles. This is left up to the individual users to attached their ideal suspension style, such as R31, Tamiya Reversible or Various other Type-C style suspension systems. The GRK 2 Kit is most well know by the Professional RC Drivers in Japan that run them. Some of which include Hideaki Baba, Koudai, Ryo, Hoshimiya, Renato, Chikara with continual increasing interests from other domestic and international drivers.
This chassis is also continually being improved by the R31 House team. They have announced the release of Hyper MAX Suspension Kit in the future, along with other hop-up and option parts along the way. Continue reading for more information!
The value of GRK2 and ¥ 34.800, and the manufacturer offers various options such as CS kit, Suport Bumper, Rear Sus Mount Adjustable, Dampers Stays dual position, among others
Chassis quality and innovative, with news soon with the GRK2 + and new suspension kit, HYPER MAX SUSPENSION KIT, wait..

R31 World GRK 2 Drift Chassis

  • 10 colors to choose from, Silver, Brown, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, golden Yellow, Orange, Light Blue and Carbon Silver is optional
  • Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Carbon Fiber Upper Deck
  • Carbon Fiber Damper Stay
  • Carbon Center Shaft
  • Carbon Battery Holder
  • Slyder Steering System
  • Aluminum Bulkheads
  • Not a complete rolling chassis kit
  • Does not include suspension systems
  • Variety of Option parts including (S Kit, Bumper Support, adjustable rear suspension mounts, dual damper stay positions, and many more!

Approximate MSRP: ¥34800JPY

Pictures courtesy of Seiji Assakawa of Slow Freak Team

Source: Our friends at Slow Freaks Team!

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