R31World GRK 3 RC Drift Chassis

The final evolution of the R31World GRK RC Drift chassis is here! Since the first generation of the GRK back in 2011 we have seen a number of versions that enhanced the overall design. The GRK has been a popular chassis for entry level and expert RC Drifters. We were very impressed when we reviewed the GRK Global chassis (click here for the review), this new GRK3 has some fantastic new design features that should translate into better performance.
The new GRK 3 features a newly designed gear box, shock towers, sliding steering rack, and it still comes in 12 different colors! The GRK3 will be suited towards high end RC Drifters and should be available soon at online retailers! The chassis will be available with both configurations AWD and RWD depending on your setup.

Source: R31World

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