RC 926 Wheel Spacers

RC926 is known for making high quality RC drift accessories from Japan, this product is no different. As you can see these wheel spacers are made from high quality polished aluminum. This helps to provide added space between your hub and wheel.
By increasing the number of sheets of aluminum wheel spacers, you can add 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and by 2.0mm, a combination way depending on the number of sheets to change the positive direction the tread width of one side.
Eight anodized colors and three different sizes to chose from!
Product contents

  • 0.5mm thickness × 4 pieces
  • 1.0mm thickness × 4 pieces
  • 2.0mm thickness × 4 pieces

If you or combine multiple pieces of an excess of aluminum wheel spacer, as this can cause trouble takes the hexagonal hub and wheel is shallower depending on the depth of the hub of the wheel, wheel to jump off the hexagonal hub, your Please use it after the installation always check on occasion.
Source: RC926

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