RC Art SSR Professor SP4 Titan Silver RC Wheels

RC Art has released a new color for the popular SSR Professor SP4 series wheels. Originally only released in Matte Silver, now it is available in Titan Silver. These wheels are made to replicate the 3-piece design and have been molded to best reflect its 1:1 version. This wheel has been officially licensed by SSR so you can be assured no detail has been overlooked. RC-Art has a long history of releasing high quality products.
These wheels are very sought after, we are often asked where to find SSR SP4s. Be sure to order yours before they are gone! These will retail for around $15 USD, and are available from RC-Art in 4 different offsets.

RC Art SSR Professor SP4 5 Spoke RC Drift Wheels

  • ART4804TS +4mm Offset Titan Silver
  • ART4806TS +6mm Offset Titan Silver
  • ART4808TS +8mm Offset Titan Silver
  • ART4810TS +10mm Offset Titan Silver
  • Officially approved by SSR

Approximate MSRP: ¥1480JPY

Source: RC-Art Online Shop

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