RC Mania Front Motor Conversion Kit

A Rajimani Shop have created a very unique front motor conversion modification kit. This conversion kit is created specifically for the TA-05 VDF based mid-ship chassis; kits such as the Eagle Racing GRT, Street Jam OTA-R (TA-05 Drift Conversion, SP Square, Silver II Edition) and of course the Tamiya TA-05 VDF. This conversion kit effectively relocates the motor to the front of the chassis, where most drifters already insert weights for better handling characteristics. The new motor position is very interesting and opens up a world of possibilities, especially those looking to take RC drifting into the Rear Wheel Drive realm. This conversion kit is worth checking out indeed!

The new alloy motor mount shifts the bulk of the chassis weight right to the front, which will drastically change the handling characteristics of the car. This kit includes new drive train assembly, which adds another belt to the entire system. A new drive shaft now located in the front will drive the front differential and a secondary belt will power the mid positioned drive shaft from the old motor mount; which now makes this chassis a 3 belt drive system. The benefit of this is of course the countersteer (CS) ratios available would now be even greater; the downfall would be added maintenance. The new weight shift would theoretically make sliding even easier and an also better simulation of a real 1:1 drifting.
This modification may be most appealing to the RWD enthusiasts. The front motor position will help with much needed weight at the front of the chassis for control and stability. This could also be easily turned into a dual motor driven chassis; independent front and rear drive, the countersteer possibilities would be endless. This conversion kit is a great addition to the many options already available.

It seems that this kit is not a simple bolt and drive conversion. It requires certain modifications depending on the chassis you have going into it; some as simple as adding spacers to drilling a new hole in the chassis plate. This kit is serious business and may need some serious modifications as well 😉
This new motor positioning will also mean that you are limited to the bodies you can run on the chassis. A large number of the Yokomo chassis will still fit, such as the 180SX, S15, R34, Evo X, Samura FC3S, AE86 and Chasers. Tamiya bodies are only limited to the S15 and the R32. HPI bodies are limited to the Supra, Soarer and Impreza. The Vertex S15 is the only other exception to that list.
This conversion kit will retail for ¥33000/$410USD/290EUR. Definitely an economical conversion kit, but for anyone that means business, it is worth looking into! As far as we know this is only available in Japan.
This new kit includes:

  • Alloy Motor Mount Unit
  • Center Drive Shaft Assembly
  • Front and Center Belts
  • Yokomo DRB Idler Pulley
  • Hardware and Spacers

  • Source: Rajimani Shop

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