RC OMG 540 Y Series Brushless Motor Review


Drift Mission is honored to be one of the first to test these new RC OMG motors. We were given the opportunity to test out the line up of the Y series motors. They are available in 7.5T, 8.5T, 9.5T, 10.5T and 13.5T. RC OMG has just introduced their new Y series Brushless Motors. These new motors are a 2 pole 540 sized motors. The 540 Y Series motor feature a 12.5mm rotor providing the power for drifting. The rotor equipped with a strong shaft, which makes the new brushless motor extremely robust. Its application area is nearly unlimited as long as a 540 size motor can will fit. It can be used for 1/10 scale cars or trucks, onroad or offroad. The 540 Y Series is a fixed timing motor and can be operated by sensored or sensorless electronic speed controllers (ESC).
RC OMG Motors

RC OMG Y Series Brushless Motors Features

  • Model Numbers: OMG-540-4400kV-7.5T, OMG-540-4150kV-8.5T, OMG-540-3850kV-9.5T, OMG-540-3550kV-10.5T, OMG-540-2850kV-13.5T,
  • Precision sensored
  • Sinter Neodynium magnet
  • Lightweight design
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Low resistance (silver plated solder tabs)
  • Optimized Air Flow
  • Completely rebuild-able
  • Aluminum Heatsink can
  • Anodized CNC Machined Plates
  • 12.5mm Rotor shaft
  • 540 sized motor can
  • Fixed Timing
  • Sensored or Sensorless application
  • Compatible with a variety of ESC’s
  • Recommended for 2S LiPO use

Overall Quality

The outer body is anodized to a coffee brown color with silver front and rear end bells. The motor can is vented for cooling. Etched into the motor can is the motor turn for easy recognition. The terminals are very easy to solder the motor wires to. The sensor wire is positioned so that it does not interfere with the other wires. The sensor cable connects at the rear of the motor can with wire terminals at the top of can between the rear end-bell and the body. Overall a very high quality motor with a clean aesthetic look! The anodized color matches with MST servo’s.

Overall Performance

We have installed these motors in several different chassis. They have been paired with several different brand Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). So far the performance has been very good. We have compared them to similar turn motors and they perform just as well if not better than most. If the HW Xerun motor is used as a benchmark, we would say it has slightly better output. Remember when you change equipment in your drift chassis, always check motor temperature during first use. Be sure to gear your electronics properly.
Currently the motors perform very well, however we cannot yet say about the long-term durability. This is to be determined as we will continue testing these motors. After 20 battery cycles, it is still performing like it came out of the box. We have only used these motors in sensored application so cannot speak of the sensorless performance. Overall the performance is very good.
ESC’s tested:
Tekin RS, Hobbywing 120A, HW 60A, HW 45A, Novak Havoc

So far all ESC’s have been compatible and had no problems with the RC OMG motor.
Chassis tested with:
Hot Bodies TC-D, MST FS-01D, MST MS-01D GT V2, MST XXX-D VIP

Fitment on the MST FS-01D chassis may be a bit of a problem. The screw mounts on the motor end bell does not align very well for the motor mount with 2 cooling bars. We had the remove the foam bumper in order for it to be mounted on this chassis. The remainder had no problems.

Y Series Motor Specifications for 8.5T Y-series motor

  • Item No.: OMG-540-2850KV-8.5T
  • Continuous Current (A): 38 A
  • Applicable Voltage (V): 7.4-8.4 Volts DC
  • Resistance (Ω): 0.015
  • No-Load Current (A): 3.9
  • Continuous Power (W): 320
  • Efficiency (%): 92
  • Operational Motor Temperature (℃): 80
  • Poles: 2
  • Winding Wire: Star
  • Size : Φ 35.8mm X 52.5mm
  • Weight (g.): 170
  • Motor Type: Sensored Brushless motor
  • Mounting Hole Depth: 4mm
  • Extensive Shaft Length: 15mm
  • Shaft Diameter(mm): Φ3.175mm
  • Rotor : N35EH Φ12.5mm

Overall Value

These motors MSRP for approximately $62.88 USD. They are very reasonably priced in contrast with other motors in its class. Performance so far has spoken for its great value.


We have been very impressed with the RC OMG Y-series brushless motors. They are competitive with many motors on the market at a slightly lower price, so the value is there. The aesthetics of the motor is very clean. The performance is “Golden”, because they only manufacture golden. We would recommend these motors to anyone looking to get new electronics. They are at the very least worth testing out. RC OMG jumped into the RC Drift market not long ago, but it seems like they have been there all along. Their presence in the RC community is growing and gaining momentum. There are even talks of an ESC coming from RC OMG, however these are rumors and we await news on that. We are looking forward to more great products from RC OMG in the future.


If you are interested in RC OMG motor’s, please contact sales@rcomg.net for more information.

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