RC OMG Servo Test Video

DriftMission received a special package in the mail from a new Servo manufacturer called RC OMG. These servos are very precise and fast, the ones we received are all titanium gears. We will be providing reviews once we have enough time to adequately put them through the paces. As you can see from our video below this servo is insanely fast!
DriftMission received a package of RC OMG servos to test out for RC Drifting. This was the first quick test of the RC OMG HDT065070B titanium gear servo.
The HDT065070B servo is a powerful, accurate ultra speed precision digital servo with its heat sink aluminum case, long wear titanium gears, a precision brushless motor and improved electronics, legendary quality.
It can be capable of 4.8 to 7.4 volt operation.
The HDT065070B takes a whole new galaxy of performance.
RC OMG provide legendary digital precision with higher torque and faster speed servos.
Music used under license from danosongs
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