RC Spice Toyota Cresta GX71 Body

RC Spice has announced their new 1:10 scale RC Drift body shell, the classic 1980s Toyota Cresta GX71 series car body. These cars are generally used for 1:1 drift cars in Japan by drifting enthusiasts. This is largely due to the FR setup of the car and because they are they are cheap and readily available in the Japanese used car market; great for beginners that will inevitably crash the car. These old classic cars make great drift missiles 1:1 and also for 1:10 RC Drift.

RC Spice SPA-095 Toyota Cresta 71

  • The photograph is an example produced
  • Body is unpainted
  • Door mirrors and wheels are not included
  • Molded Light buckets into front and rear bumpers
  • Separate body with wing
  • Decal with masking
  • Polycarbonate clear body

  • Source: RC Spice

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