RC926 MD Ball Roller Case

RC926 recently released a Mass Damper (MD) Ball Roller Case, which allows weight to be shifted in one axis. There are a number of configurations that can be chosen, ultimately it is up to the user. The steel ball will provide an approximate 5.4g to 5.7g of inertial mass for the drifter. The additional momentum generated by mobile steel ball now adds another dimension for you to tune your chassis.

RC926 MD Ball Roller Case

  • Part No.: Blue (KN-MD01KB), Red (KN-MD01RD), Black (KN-MD01BK), Purple (KN-MD01PL), Pink (KN-MD01PI), Gold (KN-MD01GD), Silver (KN-MD01SV)
  • Added chassis momentum
  • Multiple configurations
  • Aluminum casing
  • Steel ball (weight 5.4g – 5.7g)
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Compatible for any RC application

Approximate MSRP: ¥1290JPY
Source: RC926 Japan Website

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